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    Fine-Tune Your Biceps in 4 Weeks

    Of all the adjectives that describe your biceps, neglected probably isn’t one of them. Seriously, asking you to avoid training arms this week would be like asking the planet to stop spinning. As a group, bodybuilders typically give more attention to arms than any other body part, save for chest...
  2. FREAK

    Big Arms 2020-09-07

    Dear Friend, I’m not kidding! You can have significantly bigger arms in only 31 days! How much bigger?
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    The 2-Day Biceps Routine for Huge Arms

    Improvisor / Shutterstock Seems like everyone's out to find a newer, better way to train their biceps. Drop sets, weird splits and awkward exercises are all part of the trial and error guessing game. But novel training methods don’t necessarily equate to shirt-busting results. If you want big...