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The Whey it is 2019-01-14

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Why are people so confused about whey?

I have to conclude that it’s part deceptive advertising by some unscrupulous supplement, companies, poorly researched articles put out by self proclaimed “guru” types, and the fact that whey is indeed a complicated protein. In this article I will endeavor to clear it all up once and for all. Lift the vale of secrecy, strip away the myths, and shatter the hyperbole surrounding this ultra popular supplement.

By the time you are through reading this article, you will know all that is needed to know regarding the differences in whey, such a concentrates vs. isolates, micro filtered vs. ion exchange, and many other answers to questions that seem to persist no matter how hard wise guy writers like me have tried to dispense with all the myths and misinformation/disinformation surrounding whey. Read this article carefully, put it to memory, and you will be the resident whey expert in the gym and amaze your friends at the next cookout if whey becomes a topic of discussion (man people go to some boring cookouts!).
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