Steroids, The Controversy

Jacked Cash
Bodybuilding is indeed a tough job. It involves smart strategies and hard work that shows result only after a lot of compromises and time. Steroids are a magic ingredient of bodybuilding. Many may consider it not to be safe while others do like to incorporate steroids into their bodybuilding regimen. The choice is yours. We are here just to highlight what steroids are and how they can influence your body as well as long term health.

Steroids contribute to temporary but fast results when what you want is a muscular body. But as it is well said, premature success can kill the enthusiasm to do much better.

Steroids and their use in bodybuilding have always taken a controversial turn in bodybuilding and athletic sports. Steroids are available in the form of natural as well as synthetic forms. Natural forms of steroids tend to be less harmful when used in moderation. However, natural steroids are way costlier than the synthetic ones. Natural or synthetic, steroids help in promoting cell growth and thus overall development of body.

Let’s face it – bodybuilding is not for everyone. And those on the path find a lot of challenges meeting their goals. Steroids help the aspiring bodybuilders and the professionals with bodybuilding boosters. Sooner or later, every person in the field of bodybuilding will think of using the anabolic steroids. While the use of steroids in bodybuilding is a taboo, many of the professionals do use it. At the same time everyone would prefer to try and get to know the impact on their body.

Steroids have a potent effect on the body at the cellular as well as a nuclear level. The use of anabolic steroids enhances the body muscle mass without the need of dieting and muscle training. The bodybuilders who use these steroids as supplements, increase their muscle quality and strength compared to the ones who do not use these supplements. This enhanced strength and muscle mass comes at a great cost and affect the health of the bodybuilder. At the same time, the enhanced muscle quality is an unfair grace to them.

One of the major controversy linking steroids are their abuse. Bodybuilders and athletes tend to overuse the steroids for competitive gain over other participants. Once the person gets used to the usual dose of steroids the tolerance of the body gradually increases, thereby the need of high doses too. Though there are no significant withdrawal symptoms associated with steroids, the person becomes psychologically dependent on the anabolic steroids for the muscle building effects.

For uniformity and fair practice, the officials and authoritative boards have considered anabolic steroids to be a threat to the sports may it be Olympics, cricket, football, or the hot topic- bodybuilding. Bodybuilders and other sportsperson tend to be cautious of the drug test they have to undergo during a competition. Many professional sportsperson have lost their career for sheer use of steroids. For genuine reasons, authorities are not lenient when it comes to disqualifying a candidate if his/her blood is found to be tainted with steroids. The users are under threat due to supplements that are illegally admixed with steroid or steroidal precursors.

Steroids are bio-molecules that can enhance the basal testosterone levels in the body. And we all know that what testosterone can do to us. In our earlier post we spoke on the overall effects of steroids on our body. The good and bad that it does is a hot topic of discussion.

Steroids do enhance the growth of the muscle mass and increase their strength. The endurance levels and resistance to fatigue is also accounted to the good effects of steroids. However, the long term effects of steroids do not convince a 100% safe prospect.

Steroids and injuries:
There have been incidences of injuries in professional fighters and weight lifters. How far they are linked to steroids is far much still a debate. The supporter of this steroidal effect, Bubba Jenkins, NCAA national champion wrestler and fighter believes the problem is due to performance enhancing pills and drug dependency.

Steroids and general health:
Nowadays, the use of steroids has become rampant in the youngsters. Teen boys are indulging in using steroids to build a body in a smarter and faster approach. What they do not understand is that the anabolic steroids can do a great damage to their developing hormonal system. Furthermore, they are unaware of the repercussions of chronic use of steroids. The message should reach them that let the use of steroids be as a supplement rather than a daily pill to look macho. The body loses its natural immunity and physiological functioning. Long term use of anabolic steroids can lead to cardiovascular complications which can be as simple as high blood pressure or as severe as a stroke. Consistent use of steroids leads to diminishing virility and fertility in men. Women on the other end, slowly turn into a man. Masculine features such as deep voice, facial hairs, male pattern hair loss and altered estrogen levels may not be welcomed by women for a muscular bargain.
Steroids are not free form side effects. Even with the incidence of these side effects, it was being used as a medical treatment. The use of steroids in medical field is endless- AIDS, Cancer. It was also used to treat children with stunned growth as the steroids could increase the basal growth hormone levels. However, the uncontrollable use of steroids led to it being banned in the year 1988. The point is, even after it was banned for use in medicine, its use by the sportsperson and bodybuilders still continues.

Steroid tainted bodybuilding supplements:
Bodybuilding without steroids is a motto for a few. They concentrate on a balanced diet including a feasible supplement that will channelize their efforts of exercise towards a perfect muscle- packed body. However, their faith is tarnished by a few manufacturers who tend to mix steroids into their products for better sales. Steroids like Androstenedione, Turinabol, Superdrol, Tren, Madol were found by the USFDA in some bodybuilding supplements.

Other products that had steroid like effects without steroids came up in the market. However, FDA felt it not a good substance for the body, and categorized it as an illegal steroid substance. With the stringent rules of FDA, the bodybuilding products should not contain more than protein mix with other vital nutrients. However, the manufacturers in the fervor of good sales do end up adding a small amount of steroids in their products.

Steroids are not totally bad:
When steroids are used in optimum levels, the positive effects of muscles are great. However, Steroids are a shortcut to success. And the success is short lived. Steroids may be used as a power booster to encourage the rigorous exercises that are usually intense and extensive. Be wary that, steroids like any other medicine have adverse effects that can range from acute to chronic in nature.
Steroids are a risky affair as the potential problems outweigh the benefits they have to provide. Using steroids under a professional guide or a fitness trainer and medical supervision should avoid possible damage. If at all you choose to use steroids, it is better to go for the natural steroids and focus on a healthy diet.