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    6 Causes of Low Testosterone Levels in Men

    So you’ve noticed you feel a little more tired lately, your sex drive is not what it used to be. Maybe you lack the vigor, confidence and thirst for life you once had. These are all signs of low testosterone levels but you may be able to reverse them. Your nutrition, daily activity, mindset and...
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    Exercise May Help Reduce Muscle Inflammation

    Suffering from a little muscle inflammation, work it out by pumping out another rep or two. Exercise may be the key to reducing muscle inflammation, according to a study by a group of Duke University biomedical engineers who showed that human muscle has the ability to fight off damaging effects...
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    The 7 Best Carbs for Muscle Growth

    You’re never going to look the way you want if your diet isn’t in check. That’s just a fact, and the first step to mastering your nutrition is to figure out how many calories to eat. Then, you can start figuring out how much of each macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fats) to consume. You know...
  4. Jay Cutler - New, Improved and beyond 1/3

    Jay Cutler - New, Improved and beyond 1/3

    Jay Cutler
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    Beyond Brawn 2

    is is the book I wish I could have studied when I started out in bodybuilding. I was so naive, gullible and misinformed, just like most trainees are today—even those who have been training for years. is book would have spared me all the frustration, heartache, injuries and sham advice I had to...
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    The Dumbbell Chest Routine for More Muscle in 4 Weeks

    Per Bernal / M+F Magazine We love the barbell bench press as much as you do, but just because you’ve been doing it every Monday night since high school doesn’t mean you can’t change it up every once in a while. Pressing with dumbbells is safer for your shoulders and activates more pectoral...
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    Can Electrical Stimulation Help You Put on More Muscle?

    Microgen / Shutterstock Using electrical muscle stimulation, also known as EMS or e-stim, for rehabilitation, pain management, or performance isn’t a new concept—Bruce Lee was an early adapter. But its use has picked up in the last few years as high-tech methodologies have found their way into...
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    8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney Shares His Secret to Quality Muscle

    Bob Gardner Courtesy of Weider Health and FItness / M+F Magazine [RELATED2] QUESTION Pro bodybuilders talk about adding “quality muscle.” Is that basically mass and definition, or is it something more? ANSWER Adding “quality muscle” to your frame is the result of the consummate art of...
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    8 things you need to do

    admin submitted a new resource: 8 things you need to do - to build maximum muscle Read more about this resource...
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    8 things you need to do 2019-01-09

    INTRODUCTION There’s an age-old saying that has been around for many years and that can be applied to almost any area of life. The saying says… “Those Who Fail To Prepare Are Preparing To FAIL!” This wisdom-filled quote directly applies to the concepts of building muscle, burning fat and...