5 Chaffle Keto Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Brunch Cravings

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Keto dieters who love waffles no longer have to miss out on this breakfast-food staple. The keto “chaffle,” or cheese-waffle, is the trendy, high-fat alternative to the carb-heavy waffle. This simple swap involves replacing waffle batter with an egg and cheese combination, then pouring the combo into a waffle press. Voila—a food that looks the same but delivers a keto-approved nutritional profile. Here are five delicious ways to incorporate keto chaffles into your meals.

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Egg and Keto Chaffle

Let's start with the basics. This chaffle recipe, by Officially Gluten Free, allows you to swap your Eggos for a fat- and protein-packed breakfast that's a lot richer in flavor and way more satisfying.

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Pumpkin Pie Chaffle

Indulge your sweet tooth while staying in ketosis with this pumpkin pie chaffle recipe from Hangry Woman. No morning meal could be more perfect for fall and holiday season.

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Keto Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich

Egg McMuffins might not make the cut on the keto diet. But you can still find ways to enjoy a savory breakfast egg sandwich. We'd take this chaffle egg sandwich by Midget Mama over the fast-food variety any day.

Everything Chaffle

Your everything bagel obsession just went keto. Introducing the everything chaffle by Hangry Woman; it might just convince a carb eater to go keto for good.

BLT Chaffle Sandwich

Chaffles are so versatile, they work as a keto-friendly swap for traditional sandwich bread. This chaffle BLT, by Green and Keto, lets you makeover your favorite sandwich so it's keto-approved.

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