We Taste-Tested Hundreds of Healthy Snacks—and These Are the Best Ones

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We asked registered dietitians for their top picks. Then, our editors taste-tested hundreds (literally!) of products. To make it to these pages, snacks had to be delicious, of course. Beyond that, we took a hard look at ingredient lists to make sure they weren’t packed with additives and preservatives, and we prioritized items that gave a nutritional boost—like extra protein or added veggies. Thanks to Toby Amidor, Amy Gorin, Holley Grainger, Stephanie Middleberg, Katie Morford, Cynthia Sass, Bonnie Taub-Dix, and Elizabeth Ward for their recs!

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1. Pop Daddy Popcorn

We loved the light garlic flavor of this hand-seasoned popcorn. And the ruby red kernels used to make the popcorn have very little hull, meaning there’s less stuff to get stuck in your teeth! ($14 for three 5-oz. bags; amazon.com) 120 Calories, 2g Protein, 6g Fat, 2g Fiber

2. Bada Bean Bada Boom

These roasted and seasoned broad beans (a.k.a. fava beans) provide a quick source of protein and fiber. We’re obsessed with the Zesty Ranch, but they come in everything from Sea Salt to Sweet Cinnamon. ($17.99 for six 3-oz. bags; amazon.com) 110 Calories, 6g Protein, 4g Fat, 3g Fiber

3. Rhythm Organic Cauliflower Bites

Dried cauliflower for the win! Super light and incredibly flavorful, these crunchy vegan snacks come in three flavors. We’re especially keen on Buffalo Ranch. ($15; amazon.com) 190 Calories, 3g Protein, 16g Fat, 3g Fiber

4. Crunchmaster Protein Snack Crackers

With 32 crackers per serving, there are no skimpy portion sizes here! Brown rice and garbanzo flour kick up the protein in this satisfying snack. ($3.19 for a 3.54-oz. bag; amazon.com) 130 Calories, 5g Protein, 3g Fat, 3g Fiber

5. Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs: Himalayan Happiness

These sea salt–sprinkled vegan puffs are the perfect combo of airy and crispy. Plus, since they’re made of chickpeas, you’ll get a little hit of protein with every bite. ($3 for a 4-oz. bag; amazon.com) 130 Calories, 4g Protein, 4.5g Fat, 3g Fiber

6. Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters: Cherries & Almonds

Old-school Triscuits are a classic snack food; we think their cool new sibling will be a hit, too. They’re a touch sweet, but still hearty, thanks to nutty, whole-grain wheat berries. ($3.49 for a 5-oz. bag; at amazon.com) 130 Calories, 2g Protein, 5g Fat, 2g Fiber

7. Quevos Egg White Chips

These innovative crisps were cocreated by a Type 1 diabetic looking for a low-carb snacking option, and they come surprisingly close to an O.G. potato chip—with a healthier nutrition label. ($18 for six 1.1-oz. bags; quevos.com) 130 Calories, 5g Protein, 6g Fat, 5g Fiber

8. Made By True Biltong

There are a lot of jerkies out there, but this biltong rose to the top. We liked that there’s no sugar, and we loved the Hint of Heat beef flavor seasoned with chili powder and paprika. ($20 for three 2-oz. bags; amazon.com) 86 Calories, 17g Protein, 2.7g Fat, 0g Fiber

9. Belgioioso Asiago Snacking Cheese

These 1-ounce cheeses make for a great protein-packed, grab-and-go bite. The semisoft texture and mild flavor were crowd-pleasers.($5 for six 1-oz. packs; belgioioso.com) 80 Calories, 5g Protein, 6g Fat, 0g Fiber

10. Render State Bird Cruch: Furikake

Furikake is a Japanese condiment made from seaweed and sesame. Who knew it would be so amazing with puffed quinoa, seeds, and spices? Think of it as a savory granola.($28 for six 3.5-oz. bags; amazon.com) 160 Calories, 5g Protein, 11g Fat, 3g Fiber

11. Popcorners Flourish Veggie Crisps

Made with real kale, brussels sprouts, chickpeas, rice, and green peas, these tasty crisps are some of the most veggie-rich chips around. ($17; amazon.com) 100 Calories, 4g Protein, 3.5g Fat, 2g Fiber

12. Whisps Cheese Crisps

Made only of cheese and spices, these snacks are a smart, high-protein, gluten-free choice for dipping, snacking, or topping soups and salads. We loved the Tomato Basil flavor—it tastes like pizza! ($20; amazon.com) 150 Calories, 12g Protein, 11g Fat, 1g Fiber

13. Beanfields Bean Chips

It’s all in the name: These are made from beans, meaning they pack protein and fiber into each savory serving. The Spicy Queso variety reminded us of a classic cheesy chip. ($31; amazon.com) 130 Calories, 4g Protein, 6g Fat, 4g Fiber

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14. Peckish

We were so impressed by how perfectly these eggs were boiled. They’re ideal for a hearty snack, and the unique dipping flavors give old-school eggs welcome zing. Plus, the colorful packaging will look great stacked in your fridge. ($4 for a 2-egg box; at Whole Foods 365) 160 Calories, 12g Protein, 10g Fat, 0g Fiber

15. Shrooms Mushroom Jerky

Vegetarians deserve jerky, too! This snack has the same chewy texture, with all of the plant-based benefits. Shrooms offers tons of flavors; our fave was the Honey Chipotle. ($6.99 for a 2-oz. bag; amazon.com) 25 Calories, 2g Protein, 0g Fat, 1g Fiber

16. Country Archer Mini Beef Sticks

These little guys are made with 100 percent grass-fed beef and zero sugar. The brand also gets big points for portability; they’re perfect for fueling up on a hike. ($13; amazon.com) 50 Calories, 5g Protein, 3.5g Fat, 0g Fiber

17. Sargento String Cheese

Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean snack time can’t be fun! Eat this mild, creamy string cheese on its own, or pair it with fresh veggies. ($4 for 12 sticks; at target.com) 80 Calories, 8g Protein, 6g Fat, 0g Fiber

18. Applegate Naturals Turkey Pepperoni & Cheddar Snack Pack

It’s like your own compact charcuterie board. Stack humanely raised, uncured turkey pepperoni; cheddar cheese; and olive oil and sea salt crackers for a nice nosh. ($3.29 for a 2.4-oz. pack; at target.com) 250 Calories, 17g Protein, 15g Fat, 0g Fiber

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19. Justin’s Nut Butter Covered Nuts

Nut butter–covered nuts? Genius! This creamy-crunchy combo kept us coming back for more, and there are only 4 grams of sugar per serving, relatively low for a nibble that eats like a treat. (available at amazon.com) 180 Calories, 3g Protein, 14g Fat, 0g Fiber

20. Barukas Nuts: Sea Salt

Sustainably harvested in South America, bold and earthy Barùkas taste like a cross between a peanut and an almond. Plus, they’re one of the most nutrient-dense nuts—high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. ($14 for a 12-oz. bag; barukas.com) 140 Calories, 6g Protein, 10g Fat, 5g Fiber

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21. Joolies Organic Medjool Dates

Dates are known as nature’s candy; one bite into these fiber-rich gems and you’ll know why. Tender, sweet, and caramelly, they’re tastier than most desserts. ($22; amazon.com) 110 Calories, 1g Protein, 0g Fat, 3g Fiber

22. Blue Diamond: Fiery Ghost Pepper Almonds & Tart Cherry

We were instantly enamored with this spicy-sweet combo of almonds and dried cherries. Getting 35 percent of our daily dose of vitamin E was another major win. ($3 for a 5-oz. bag; amazon.com) 150 Calories, 4g Protein, 12g Fat, 2g Fiber

23. Bare Medley: Apple Chips & Strawberry Chips

We love the pleasant crunch and natural sweetness of these fruit chips. Staffers particularly liked the delicious flavor combo. ($18 for a 6 bags; amazon.com) 170 Calories, 1g Protein, 0g Fat, 6g Fiber

24. The Nutty Gourmet Flavored Walnuts

Research suggests that walnuts may improve cholesterol levels and help control inflammation. Now that they come in Rosemary, there’s no excuse not to go (wal)nuts. ($10 for an 8-oz. bag; amazon.com) 370 Calories, 9g Protein, 36g Fat, 4g Fiber

25. Wonderful Pistachios: Chili Roasted

We devoured these flavorful (and shelled!) pistachios. You can eat them out of hand for a snack, of course, but save some extras to top salads. ($7; getcrackin.com) 170 Calories, 7g Protein, 14g Fat, 3g Fiber

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26. Ícelandic Provisions Krimi Skyr

Made with whole milk, skyr is a thicker, creamier play on Greek yogurt. We devoured the Mixed Berry flavor, which includes strawberries, black currants, blueberries, and raspberries. ($2 for a 4.4-oz. cup; at target.com) 160 Calories, 11g Protein, 7g Fat, 0g Fiber

27. Siggi’s Skyr: Coffee

We’ve always been fans of Siggi’s low-sugar, ultra-creamy yogurts, and the brand’s new flavor does not disappoint. A little tangy and truly coffee-y, you can reach for it next time you’re craving a java drink. ($1.69 for a 4.4 oz. cup; at target.com) 140 Calories, 13g Protein, 4.5g Fat, 0g Fiber

28. Activia Probiotic Smoothie

These premade, gut-friendly smoothies save time, and blender cleaning! The green one—with pineapple, kiwi, cucumber, ginger, flaxseed, and chia seeds—is just the right amount of sweet. ($1.99 for a 7-oz. bottle; at target.com) 130 Calories, 8g Protein, 3.5g Fat, 3g Fiber

29. Split: Cashew Butter & Sour Cherry Spread

A more sophisticated take on PB&J: Squeeze one or both flavors into your mouth for a quick snack or spread onto a sandwich or cracker. ($24.95 for 10 1.34-oz. packs; amazon.com) 160 Calories, 3g Protein, 9g Fat, 1g Fiber

30. Good Foods Plant Based Dip

These spreads offer all of the flavor of traditional dips without the dairy; they’re super versatile for dipping, scooping, and topping chips or veggies. We were particularly into the creamy Queso Style flavor. ($4.99 for an 8-oz. dip; at target.com) 45 Calories, 2g Protein, 3g Fat, 1g Fiber

31. Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola Bar

These salty-sweet bars from one of our favorite granola brands don’t just taste good—the protein and added probiotics keep you powered up. ($5.99 for four 1.06-oz. bars; thrivemarket.com) 140 Calories, 3g Protein, 6g Fat, 2g Fiber

32. Kind Simple Crunch Granola Bars

The ingredients in these hearty bars couldn’t be more wholesome. Plus, there are two bars per pack, so you can easily save one for later. ($3.69 for five 1.4-oz. packs; thrivemarket.com) 180 Calories, 3g Protein, 6g Fat, 3g Fiber

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33. Kize Raw Energy Bar

Eleven grams of protein and a bevy of healthy fats make these bars a perfect pre- or post-workout snack. Feel-good bonus: Kize gives 10 percent of its sales to help feed those in need. ($30 for 10 1.6-oz. bars; walmart.com) 210 Calories, 11g Protein, 10g Fat, 3g Fiber

34. Health Warrior Chia Bar: Strawberry Shortcake

These tiny bars pack in both flavor and nutrition. You’ll taste real strawberry and vanilla, plus get a boost of fiber and protein from the small but mighty chia seeds. ($18 for 15 0.88-oz. bars; amazon.com) 100 Calories, 3g Protein, 4.5g Fat, 5g Fiber

35. Weller Coconut Bites With CBD

We could hardly stop eating these sweet, crunchy-chewy coconut bites, and thanks to the 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each pack, we also enjoyed a zen moment. ($15 for three packs; amazon.com) 140 Calories, 1g Protein, 9g Fat, 5g Fiber

36. Barnana Banana Brittle

The Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip flavor tastes uncannily like a banana muffin, and Barnana’s upcycling and anti-food-waste initiatives make the brand easy to love. ($18 for 4 bags; amazon.com) 135 Calories, 2g Protein, 6g Fat, 2g Fiber

37. SmartSweets

Virtually sugar-free candy that is loaded with fiber? You bet, thanks to stevia and added prebiotic tapioca fiber. The Peach Rings were our favorite, but they also come in Gummy Bears, Sours, and Sweet Fish. ($36 for 12 bags; amazon.com) 80 Calories, 0g Protein, 0g Fat, 28g Fiber

38. Lebby Chickpea Snacks

Is there anything a chickpea can’t do? We haven’t found it yet. Case in point: When they’re dry-roasted and draped in sesame and honey, the humble bean transforms into a satisfying treat. (available at lebbysnacks.com) 130 Calories, 5g Protein, 4g Fat, 3g Fiber

39. MadeGood Crispy Squares: Strawberry

With real strawberries and vegetable extracts for added nutrients, these are a better-for-you twist on traditional crisped-rice treats. ($21 for 36 4.66-oz. bars; amazon.com) 90 Calories, 1g Protein, 2g Fat, 1g Fiber

40. Theo Chocolate 1 Oz. Classic Bar

This smart, fair-trade chocolate option comes in a 1-ounce portion, the amount recommended by nutritionists. We’re fans of all three varieties—Pure 85% Dark, Sea Salt, and Salted Toffee—but the 85% dark bar is total chocolate bliss.($1.59 per bar; theochocolate.com) 180 Calories, 3g Protein, 12g Fat, 7g Fiber

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