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    4 Heart-Healthy Tips From the “Singing Surgeons”

    Last March, as COVID-19 was dropped on the world, a pair of orthopedic surgeons tugged at the world’s heartstrings through music. Now the “Singing Surgeons” want to help you maintain a healthy heart during February’s American Heart Month. Dr. Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson became viral...
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    A Healthy Diet and Exercise While Pregnant May Mean Healthier Children

    Pregnancy is a time when most moms-to-be are given a pass to forget about tracking food and nutrient intake, and even to “eat for two.” But new research from King’s College in London might make some rethink that. The UPBEAT (U.K. Pregnancies Better Eating and Activity Trial ) gave one group of...
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    We Taste-Tested Hundreds of Healthy Snacks—and These Are the Best Ones

    We asked registered dietitians for their top picks. Then, our editors taste-tested hundreds (literally!) of products. To make it to these pages, snacks had to be delicious, of course. Beyond that, we took a hard look at ingredient lists to make sure they weren’t packed with additives and...
  4. 12 Foods that fight fatigue

    12 Foods that fight fatigue

    Eat healthy to fight fatigue LMAO