The Groups Tab


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Jacked Cash
I've been asked about this.

Groups allow you to run your own little community inside of jackedfreaks..

Lets say you want a group for Football, you can create one, forums, media section, events Etc

Public anyone can see, members can join.
Members only members.
Even the members option has privacy settings so you can make it for example invite only.

Group of friends for instance ONLY friends able to see content invited.

Can also make it private so only invited members can see the group exists. Lets say for example people from Australia. Set it up, privacy options, then invite only the bros who are members here you want apart of it.

Vendors can do pretty much the same thing, a public, or lets say invite only for current and past customers.

If you've seen facebook groups its similar BUT we do no collect and sell your data!

Even ass avatar and group cover image.

Questions? Need help setting one up? Ask..