Anyone here Vape?

Vult used to. It's the new rage around here too and it appears that teenagers who didn't even smoke are now vape addicts because of the different flavors and that it's fun. Doctors don't know yet what health issues vape can cause.
I vape... used to smoke Marlboro lights but like cool and menthol vape only... nothing fruity either!!
Actually I sneak a pull sometimes between a set, opens up airways and nicotine is stimulate!!!

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Nicotine based, no nic, cbd, thc they vape everything
Now I do buy the CBD filled tanks and like a few pulls just before bed now and then or if stress or anxiety kicks...
I use CBD oil low 10-20mg dose for arthritis pain and stress but after 2 months my adderall wasn't working... I couldn't get going so I stopped and use only as needed now and then... I don't like down feeling at all!!!

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