10 Interesting Facts About The Mr. Olympia Competition

Jacked Cash
Here are some cool facts about the history of the Mr. Olympia contest!

The Mr. Olympia contest is undoubtedly the standard by which the world?s greatest bodybuilder is determined (although some may argue that this may no longer be the case).

But fans know it?s the ultimate fitness competition and we?re only a few days away from learning who will hoist the Sandow to become the face of Joe Weider?s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.

Here are 10 facts about the Mr. Olympia contest that you may or may not have been aware of?

1. Total Mr. O?s crowned
Only 14 men have been crowned overall Mr. Olympia since 1965 when Larry Scott was the first to win the contest to 2018 when Shawn Rhoden won his first title.

2. Where did ?Olympia? come from?
You?d be really surprised to know that the ?Olympia? name came from a brewing company based in Washington which was founded in 1896 by Leopold Schmidt.

3. Home of the Olympia
Las Vegas, Nevada has been the home for the Olympia since 1999. But from 1965 until 1999, multiple places have hosted the event.

5. Who has the most wins in Olympia history?
Ronnie Coleman (1998-2005) and Lee Haney (1984-1991) are tied for most Olympia wins with 8 titles each. And their wins were consecutive with no gaps in between.

6. Record for most Olympia appearances
Nobody has competed on the Olympia stage more than ?The Blade? Dexter Jackson who has made 19 appearances (won Olympia in 2008). He also has the most IFBB wins in history.

7. Unopposed wins
Sergio Oliva was the only man to compete at the 1968 Mr. Olympia competition because the rest of the competitors apparently had more important things going on in their lives at the time (more for him).

And in 1971, Arnold Schwarzenegger put on a one-man show because the other three competitors (Sergio Oliva, Roy Callendar, and Franco Columbo) were disqualified before the competition.

8. Youngest and Oldest champion
Arnold Schwarzenegger holds the record for youngest Mr. Olympia champion by winning his first title in 1970 at 23 years and 2 months. While Shawn Rhoden won the competition in 2018 at the age of 43 years and 5 months.

9. Competitors who have won more than once
All but 4 legends have won the Olympia more than once and the ones who have repeated are Larry Scott (2), Sergio Oliva (3), Arnold Schwarzenegger (7), Franco Columbo (2), Frank Zane (3), Lee Haney (8), Dorian Yates (6), Ronnie Coleman (8), Jay Cutler (4), and Phil Heath (7).

10. Eugen Sandow
The Mr. Olympia trophy (Sandow trophy) was named after Eugen Sandow who was an iconic bodybuilder, and showman who also competed in Strongman.

And the first Sandow trophy was award at the 1977 Mr. Olympia competition in honor of his contribution to the sport.mr-olympia-facts.jpg