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    10 Training Mistakes That Kill Progress

    There are plenty of reasons why your fitness progress has hit the skids. Whether it has to do with poor nutritional choices, an ineffective workout strategy, not enough attention paid to recovery, or just a poor state of mind—your fitness goals can be sabotaged by mistakes you have no idea...
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    How Female Bodybuilding World Champ Alina Popa Trains

    The prevalence of bodybuilding-style weight training in virtually all sports has shown us a lot of things. We’ve seen that stronger athletes perform better almost across the board, including in baseball and golf, which used to be thought of as sports that depend more on “skill” than high-level...
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    An Inside Look at Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s UFC 246 Training

    Courtesy of Morgan Gold You’d be hard-pressed to find a more exciting fighter inside the Octagon than Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. The 36-year old has created some of the most popular highlight reels in the UFC, and in the process has accrued the most UFC records of any fighter: 23 wins, 16...
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    Dwayne Johnson Starts His ‘Black Adam’ Training

    Superstar Dwayne Johnson is ready to build up his “power” for Black Adam. The Rock is set to star in his first traditional comic book movie with the role of Teth-Adam/Black Adam in 2021 and with shooting starting this summer, the superstar actor has started training in the gym for the role...
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    What's the Difference Between 'Functional Training' and Bodybuilding?

    Nikolas_jkd / Shutterstock The term "functional training" has become a controversial buzzword in bodybuilding circles. Post a picture of yourself banging out leg extensions or lateral raises, and you’re likely as not to be deluged with comments along the lines of "That’s not functional," or...
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    MMA star Alex Nicholson on training like a ‘Spartan’

    Courtesy of Professional Fighters League “The Spartan” is a pretty apt nickname for Professional Fighters League star Alex Nicholson. Not only does the hulking heavyweight have a beard that would make King Leonidas proud, but he also trains with a regimen worthy of an ancient Greek warrior...
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    How John Gramlich Changed His Diet and Training to Lose 120 Pounds

    Courtesy of John Gramlich Three years ago, John Gramlich realized that his weight had spiraled out of control. He’d just moved back to his native Oklahoma after spending ten months in Nebraska for work—a place where he didn’t have the community, friends, or family that he had back home. When he...
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    Strongwoman Sarah Cogswell Talks Training, Diet, and Why Titles Don't Matter

    Brandon Ramos / M+F Magazine Sarah Cogswell, one of the top Strongwoman competitors in the 82kg (180 pounds) weight class, doesn’t compete or lift for the plaudits, money, and titles. So when she failed to make weight for the 2019 Strongest Woman in the World competition in Fairbanks, AK, she...
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    Thor Björnsson Talks Training, Farmer’s Walks, and Setting Records

    You may not know him by name, but you’ve definitely seen Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain and Thor—either on ESPN 2 winning the World’s Strongest Man in 2018, as Gregor Clegane on HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, or repping top-tier fitness brands like Rogue and Reign Total Body Fuel...
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    The 6-Week, High-frequency Training Program to Build More Muscle

    Per Bernal / M+F Magazine As is true with almost any skill, the more you lift, the better you get at it (and the bigger you get as a result). The more frequently you train a muscle, the faster it’s going to respond by growing. So if you’ve only ever trained one or two body parts in a...
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    Jason Ellis Talks Training, Therapy, and His Legacy

    jason shaltz courtesy of siriusxm / M+F Magazine Who is the hardest-hitting person you’ve fought? That’s easy, [former UFC heavyweight champ] Shane Carwin. He punched me in the back of the head and my whole brain went tingly. Which interview was your most awkward? Andrew Dice Clay came on the...
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    Bodybuilding Recipes

    admin submitted a new resource: Bodybuilding Recipes - By William D Brink Read more about this resource...
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    Bodybuilding Recipes 2019-09-09

    Includes recipes, supplements, pro hormones and training


    no weight bodybuilding
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    Why your friends workout might not work Why Your Friend’s Gym Routine Might Not Work for You A study that assigns different workout plans to each leg shows just how much (or little) the details matter Alex Hutchinson It’s always tempting to base your...
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    The Four-Week Strongman Training Plan

    Westend61 / Getty Picture this: You walk into the gym primed to set a personal record (PR), but then you get distracted: You start looking for the perfect song, you set up your phone to capture a video, you get caught up in how many reps you’re going to get, etc. As a result, you botch the...
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    531 By Jim Wendler 2019-08-03

    Training program for raw strength
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    The Ultimate 2-Month Obstacle Course Race Training Plan

    Westend61 / Getty Forget 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, or even triathlons. Obstacle course races are unique in that you won’t know quite what lies ahead of you until you’re at the starting line. Most race directors pride themselves on surprising participants with challenges that will push...
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    Should Instability Training Be Part of Your Workout?

    Jozef Polc / Getty Instability training is popular in many fitness circles, including CrossFit, HIIT, and yoga. As the name implies, it involves introducing instability to your exercise, usually with external implements. For example, you could utilize an unstable surface like a Swiss ball or...