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    4 Moves to Build a Bigger Chest

    If you’ve ever wondered how cover models train or prep for magazine shoots, it differs from person to person. (Sorry, did you expect some BS blanket answer that applied to everyone at every age, gender, and fitness level?) That said, this is how former M&F cover star and celebrity trainer Don...


    Build a big chest
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    The Dumbbell Chest Routine for More Muscle in 4 Weeks

    Per Bernal / M+F Magazine We love the barbell bench press as much as you do, but just because you’ve been doing it every Monday night since high school doesn’t mean you can’t change it up every once in a while. Pressing with dumbbells is safer for your shoulders and activates more pectoral...
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    The Chain Flye Variation to Help You Avoid Shoulder Pain

    marius bugge / M+F Magazine Flyes remove reliance on the triceps and deltoids so you can better isolate the chest muscle for growth. And besides looking badass, using chains to do them takes some pressure off the shoulder joints, increases instability for more muscle recruitment, and ensures...
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    Men Spend More Time Staring at Guys' Chests than Women, a New Study Says

    Jacob Lund If you’re chasing an upper-chest pump thinking it’s going to impress your lady or gym crush, think again. A study published in Evolutionary Psychological Science found that men tend to stare at the upper-chest of other men longer than women do. In other words, your bro is more likely...
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    The Brutally High-Rep Chest and Triceps Workout

    Matthew Leete With summer weather still persisting, getting your arms and chest primed for the beach is a top priority. So how does one get their upper body big and ripped for the skin-revealing occasions that the warm weather brings? The answer is simple: Giant sets and lots of reps. This...
  7. 530lbs bench for reps + Full chest workout

    530lbs bench for reps + Full chest workout

    Full chest workout
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    The Simple Chest Workout to Grow Your Pecs

    South_agency / Getty Is it a core day or a chest day? Ask yourself that question. If it’s core, go ahead and do your dumbbell presses on an exercise ball or on a flat bench with your feet up in the air, but don’t expect to crush your pecs and build a thicker chest. For that you need sturdy...