Joey Swoll hilariously surprises girl as she films herself flexing



Joey Swoll has been casting a watchful eye over the often-surreal subject of gym culture for quite some time, so it was uplifting to see a clip posted to his TikTok account this week, illustrating that one of our favorite gatekeepers of gym sanity can lighten up when the mood fits. Just remember that the next time you decide to you film yourself flexing at the gym, you might find yourself in competition with the big man himself!

Joey Swoll, his real last name is Sergo, has dubbed himself the “CEO of Gym Positivity” as he attempts to eradicate prejudices on the gym floor. Swoll is often seen to be standing up for the underdog, explaining that neither men nor women should be harassed or made to feel like they don’t belong with everyone else who is at the gym to become the best version of themselves. His highlighting of bad gym etiquette is a subject that draws a lot of attention and fierce debate as to whether or not gym members should be filming their workouts in the first place. It is without doubt a practice accelerated by social media, where the workout footage seems to be more important that the workout itself. And, with innocent members often caught in the cross hairs of the camera lens, Swoll tries to cut through the fuss and get people to concentrate on their sets rather than their socials. Still, in one of his latest posts, Swoll decided to lift the mood by making an unexpected appearance in one ladies video content. Fortunately, it was a move that had her in hysterics.

Joey Swoll Reserves the Right to Make a Surprise Appearance in All Gym Videos​


I reserve the right to walk past any tripod and jump in all videos at the gym. #gymtok #gym #fyp

♬ Beautiful Things – Benson Boone

The post, featuring an unidentified gym goer, shows her getting her flex on whole filming herself in a public gym. Seemingly eager to get in on the act, Swoll, who has 7.4 million TikTok followers, enters the frame and shocks the girl with his best front double bicep pose.

“If I see you filming yourself flexing in the gym…. Your video is now my video,” reads the caption on Swole’s TikTok clip.

Rather than turn off the camera off or make a quick exit, the lady showed her own sense of humor by matching Swole pose for pose while laughing at the lens.

“I reserve the right to walk past any tripod and jump in all videos at the gym,” says Swole in the post’s description.

You are welcome anytime, Sir!

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