Fatigue Fighters - 6 Nutrients That Amplify Your Efforts

Jacked Cash
Tired of being tired? Try these six energy releasing supplements and amplify your workouts. Improved energy leads to better performance and gains.
Workout Fatigue
Tired? Run down? Feeling droopy, drained and devastatingly devoid of energy, despite devouring your morning coffee or energy drink? Well it's time to wake up, and I'm going to help you do so! But before I dive into the details, it's time for a pop quiz. Ready? Here goes...Give me a list of 6 nutrients that help the body sustain energy through an intense workout?
I'm going to make a wager that the only supplement most of you could think of was caffeine. Caffeine is a correct answer. But unfortunately, it's not the only energy-providing nutrient on the block. There are five other dynamic supplements you should be aware of. The following 6 nutrients assist in providing an energy boost from workout start to finish. Keep in mind that a quality workout and nutrition plan is essential for maintaining proper energy levels.


Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) help to elevate workout energy. Intense workout sessions deplete the body of BCAAs and increase tryptophan levels. When the ratio of free tryptophan to BCAAs increases, you experience fatigue. By supplementing with BCAAs before and during a workout, your body will have a more favorable tryptophan to BCAAs ratio, and you will experience less fatigue.
Think of the BCAAs to tryptophan ratio in terms or a balancing scale. As you exercise, BCAAs are removed from the scale, causing it to tip towards the tryptophan side. By adding more BCAAs, you are bringing the body back into proper balance. At minimum, take 5 to 10 grams of BCAAs before and during a workout. It is also a good idea to take BCAAs after a workout.


Time for the obvious. Caffeine helps provide the body with energy. And not only does it fight fatigue, but caffeine can also help fight pain and boost strength. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, providing a buzz that so many coffee drinkers long for each morning. This CNS boost is also helpful when lifting heavy weights. Any powerlifter can tell you that when training with heavy weights, you are not only training the muscles, but also conditioning the central nervous system to handle a greater weight load.
Caffeine supplements are better for you then coffee. They provide a proper dose, and don't require drinking a half pot of coffee one hour before hitting the gym. Research reveals that it is best to supplement with caffeine one hour prior to lifting. You will be able to workout stronger and longer. Caffeine allows fat to be burned more efficiently during training, which leaves a deeper available store of muscle glycogen and greater training energy.
It is recommended that you take caffeine only on workout days. A suggested dose is 200 to 400 mgs one hour prior to hitting the gym.


Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) works to boost energy from a cellular level. It is found in the mitochondria of cells, and helps to bolster reactions such as ATP production. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the primary form of energy used by the body. So simply stated, CoQ10 insures that the body efficiently and effectively produces energy.
CoQ10 supplementation assists in boosting energy levels, and helps recovery between workouts. It is best to take CoQ10 twice daily. Recommended dosage is 100 to 200 mgs with the first meal of the day, and another 100 to 200 mgs around lunch time.

Citrulline Malate​

Citrulline malate is the amino acid citrulline chemically bound to malic acid. Citrulline increases blood flow by heightening arginine and nitric oxide levels. This improvement in blood flow allows for better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles, and that - of course - leads to greater energy levels.
Citrulline also helps to battle fatigue because it is instrumental in removing ammonia from the body. When amino acids are metabolized, ammonia is produced. This buildup of ammonia is greater during heavy exercise. Ammonia buildup leads to fatigue. By supplementing with citrulline malate, you aid the body in removing ammonia, resulting in improved energy and stamina while working out.
Use citrulline malate with your pre and post-workout shakes. Recommended serving is 1-3 grams during these times.


Creatine is an obvious choice for this list. Creatine is the super-powered supplement, capable of not only helping with size and strength gains, but also with boosting energy levels. Creatine works to provide muscles with energy, especially during intense workouts. Inside a muscle cell, creatine attaches to a highly energized phosphate molecule. The muscle cell will then use this molecule to make ATP, and ATP delivers quick energy to the body when it is needed. Creatine allows you to recover more quickly between sets, and allows you to push deeper into sets.
There are a mutitude of supplements on the market that contain creatine. The two most popular forms of creatine are creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester. The debates rage over which form of creatine is better. It is best to experiment with both, and see which form of creatine you respond best to.
Take creatine with your pre and post-workout shakes. Recommend dosage of creatine is 2-5 grams during these times, or a minimum of 5 grams daily.

Green Tea Extract​

Green tea extract is an underused but effective energy boosting and fat burning supplement. Green tea extract contains the active ingredient catechins. Catechins increase energy by working to keep norepinephrine levels elevated. Norepinephrine increases blood flow to muscles, and works to trigger the release of glucose.
Green tea also contains caffeine, and therefore acts as a two-pronged energy boosting supplement. One of the good things about green tea is that you are very unlikely to experience jitters. Green tea extract contains the amino acid theanine, and theanine enhances relaxation by improving GABA levels in the brain. The end result is a clean energy boost with the ability to think clearly and to focus.
You can take green tea extract one hour before a workout. Recommended serving is 500 mgs.

Workout Boosting Supplement Plan​

Follow this supplement plan for improved energy during your workouts:
Workout Boosting Supplement Plan
60 Minutes Prior To Workout
Caffeine200 to 400 mgs
Green Tea Extract500 mgs
30 Minutes Prior to Workout w/ Pre-Workout Shake
Citrulline Malate1 to 3 grams
CoQ10100 to 200 mgs
Creatine2 to 5 grams
BCAAs5 to 10 grams
During Your Workout
BCAAs5 to 10 grams
Post-Workout w/ Shake
Creatine2 to 5 grams
Citrulline Malate1 to 3 grams
BCAAs5 to 10 grams