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    Dexter Jackson On the 2020 Olympia, Recovery from COVID & More!

    2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter “The Blade” Jackson took time away from his retirement to join the crew at Monday Night Muscle for an in-depth interview. Hosts Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray spoke with the 5-time Arnold Classic winner in the opening episode of their second season about the conclusion of...
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    Dexter Jackson's Simple and Effective Workout For Bigger Shoulders

    Kevin Horton / M+F Magazine Dexter “The Blade” Jackson turned pro by winning the light-heavyweight and overall at the 1998 North American Championships, and throughout his career, the 235-pounder has used his flawless proportions, shape, and otherworldly conditioning to overcome foes who...
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    Dexter Jackson Plans to Compete in the 2020 Olympia

    Chris Nicoll Dexter Jackson is already a veritable bodybuilding legend, having won 29 IFBB Pro League shows over the course of his career. Those wins include five Arnold Classics and, most notably, the 2008 Olympia. But the 49-year-old athlete isn't done just yet. In fact, "The Blade" just...
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    Dexter Jackson Doesn't Mess Around on Leg Day

    Dexter Jackson may be nearing 50, but his body is seemingly ageless. If you want proof, just head on over to Instagram, where "The Blade" regularly shares videos of himself hitting the iron. In a recent post, he's leg pressing 10 plates on each side during what we can only guess was a brutal...