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Anabolic Steroid Guide Part 1 2019-01-05

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Flying and Land Border Secrets:
Now that you have your supplements, you will want to know some tips on how to get them past customs. If you have the option of choosing to fly into an airport or to cross at a land border, crossing at a land border is by far the better choice. Everyday at a land border thousands of people cross to and from Mexico into and out of the U.S. to work, shop, ect. U.S. Customs, Border Patrol and Immigration officers are over run each day with an enormous number of vehicle and lots of foot traffic through these ports of entry. This is actually a big advantage for the American athlete. The Custom and Immigration officials are usually more concerned with the Mexican citizens who are coming to work or shop than they are with you, especially when it is busy. The busy or peak times are every week day morning and late afternoon when people are coming to and from work. The weekend border traffic is busy around the clock.
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