Why fish & beef may be your best nutritional diet for body building

Jacked Cash
Bodybuilding might sound daunting to some of us. But it’s just a simple workout plan with small tips that optimize your efforts, so today, let’s talk about the two things to include in your diet to get the best possible bodybuilding results, fish, and meat!

Lean fish!

Fish is the best option when we are trying to get in shape; it is rich in all the nutrients but low in carbs. Add fish to a staple diet; it will help you lose that extra fat and get you in shape. Ass the following kinds of fish in your diet, not only will they help you cut down fat but also provide you a great amount of protein;sole, tuna, flounder, haddock, scallops, shrimp, and crab.

Healthy fat

Now when we say fat, you must be thinking how contradictory, at one place we say eat low carb and fat to get fit, and on the other we encouraging fish for its fat are! Well, it’s all about how that fat acts on your body. Fish fat is healthy fat because it is less likely to be stored as body fat, it has been prioritized to perform functions in the body, and the last action when all of these functions are completed will be to store as body fat.

These important body functions are sparing the breakdown and burning of glutamine, production of growth hormone and supporting muscle protein formation. The glycogen which is important to muscles, fish fat helps funnel carbs into muscles, which alongside contributing to muscle growth also compromise the body's tendency to produce body fat from carbohydrates.

Mineral boost

Fish meat is known to be mineral rich. Most types of fishes are abundant in selenium and iodine, the two key minerals that play a major role in your metabolic rate. To be more specific, iodine is the fuel to your thyroid gland, which controls the carb metabolism, not only this but a stronger thyroid gland also results in a stronger immune system, keeping your body healthy. Other minerals in fish make the muscles more sensitive to growth, hence optimizing your efforts. For a boost in minerals, take the fish rich in iodine, emphasize oysters, cod, sea bass, haddock and perch. However to improve calcium levels, consume bone-in fish for example sardines.

Versatile functions

Fish is considered as an essential for body building, alongside providing all those nutritional benefits listed above, it also has a great impact on your gastrointestinal system as it is easily digested, hence providing the nutrients to your body at a faster rate. This makes your body more efficient and your system healthy. No leftover undigested food is left in the intestine for long which may hinder your workouts.

Also, amongst all the other bodybuilding diets, some specific types of fish are the least expensive, hence can be easily added as a staple food to your diet, irrespective of the low/ high budget you have.

So fish no doubt forms the grounds for your healthy diet.

Beef- the fuel for your muscle!

I’m sure you know a lot about beef by now, as to how it is the basic diet for any bodybuilding plan, but let me just go through the key benefits. Iron being the main constituent is the best for your stamina, it increases your red blood cell count, making you have a better blood flow and oxygen carriage which in turn increases your stamina. The stamina is what makes you exercise tireless and use your time efficiently. Selenium, on the other hand, is another nutrient abundant in beef which boosts your immune system, and this is very important for such strenuous exercises.

Potassium rich beef

Potassium is a mineral that helps in protein synthesis and regulates growth hormones. Moreover, beef is also rich in protein, so it makes a perfect combo!


This is one thing which is extremely low in chicken and fish, so it leaves you with no choice but beef! Carnitine and creatine are two minerals that help in fat metabolism; this is a vital mechanism in bodybuilding where you are trying to cut down on that extra fat flab and get in shape. So not only will this beef provide you better muscle growth, but it will also cut down the fat.

So now that you know the importance of fish and meat, you would better understand the need of these by your body, hence redefine your nutritional chart plans for bodybuilding and make sure you are taking enough of fish and beef to reach that goal of yours! Perhaps, what’s better than optimizing your efforts and getting more than you asked for.