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    Nate Diaz Might Have Just Retired From Professional Fighting

    After failing to become the baddest motherfucker in the game at UFC 244 last weekend, MMA legend Nate Diaz might be saying goodbye to the game altogether. The UFC veteran set alarms off in the MMA community when he posted a photo of him smoking something that didn’t look like a cigarette...
  2. The best of Nate Diaz | ESPN MMA

    The best of Nate Diaz | ESPN MMA

    Look back at the biggest wins, bloodiest faces and angriest middle fingers of Nate Diaz’s UFC career, including his victories against Manny Gamburyan at the ...
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    Nate Diaz Sparks Up Joint Ahead of UFC 241

    Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock / Shutterstock Even after a three-year hiatus, Nate Diaz still knows how to spark up drama. The UFC lightweight, who gained mainstream notoriety for tapping out Dana White’s favorite child Conor McGregor in early 2016, lit up a joint four days before his...