What is the best meal before and after a workout?

Jacked Cash
What do I eat before and after a workout? It is a question that every fitness lover has in mind when they are just starting out in their fitness journey. Before one hits the gym for a workout, their body requires an anabolic state. Anabolic state allows the body to keep the muscles already present.

One hour before a workout, a person should eat a meal that has carbs and protein in it. Carbs would provide the body necessary fuels for exercise.
Protein (mind you we are not talking about the protein supplements) has amino acids that help the body be in an anabolic state and not burn muscles for energy supply.

A person should avoid fats before a workout as they slow down the food absorption in their body. And a stomach with food in it may cause breathing problems during the workout.

Best source of lean protein is egg whites. A bodybuilder can take bananas for carbs and some egg whites for protein one hour before their workout.
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If a person is at an advanced level then they can go for protein supplements 20 to 30 minutes before their workout. And those who do not use supplements can take black coffee or green tea 20 minutes before their workout. Caffeine would be helpful in focus and concentration in a workout.

During a workout, a person’s muscles break and after the workout, they need immediate recovery. So, just after a workout, body needs protein and glucose that’s depleted from the muscles in the form of glycogen. A person can have protein supplements or egg whites and a fruit just after a workout.

After an hour of workout, the time comes for the grand meal that has carbs, protein and fats in it. A fitness freak can also have multivitamins at this time. For protein, a person can have chicken, fish, or cottage cheese. For carbs, a person can have brown rice, brown bread or any other whole grain product. Vegetables should also be added to the meal for better digestion. Fats would come in the meal through oil used to cook the meal, olive oil is the most
recommended and the healthiest.

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Hope you got all your answers!