Should we all be eating more protein?

Jacked Cash

Should we all be eating more protein?​

A recent review and meta-analysis investigating protein intake conclude that consuming the recommended daily allowance is fine for most people, most of the time. However, more protein is not necessarily beneficial.

Many of us enthusiastically indulge in holiday treats, which means that come New Year's Day, beginning a weight loss program is a common resolution.

An increase in the consumption of protein — often over the recommended daily allowance — is the cornerstone of many diets, but does eating more protein make sense for everyone?

A new study by nutrition scientists at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, finds that increasing the intake of protein only provides benefits in certain circumstances. The findings of the research appear in Advances in Nutrition.

The bottom line is that if you are not explicitly dieting for weight loss or weight training, there is no clear benefit to consuming more protein than the minimum daily requirements that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have established.