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When I was just going through that I got my iron tested and came back way low... I’ve been supplementing iron since the bloodwork and I’m not having any more issues.... not saying that’s why you are feeling it, but, irons typically over looked as a culprit.

Hope you get relief soon! It sucks to have to feel that day after day. I don’t like it one bit.


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Right on!! Iodine drops within wrist i use when off t4.. and still hgh.
Iron messes me up hemo jumps then I am right back to draining pints

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it's coming back, but trying to fight..


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Know this thread's a little old, but I'll throw in the one that's helped me the most, especially during drol runs - 5-HTP. Buy it anywhere supplements are sold. Drol is notorious for lethargy and it's caused by decreased serotonin levels. I can only run drol for 2 weeks at a time so I pulse 2 on/2 off. If not I crash and end up miserable. Someone told me about the 5-HTP and it helps alot. Check your bloods too and see if anything else is out of calibration