RCcooking is offering USA domestic raw steroid ---Contact and Email for list


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-----USA domestic------ Steroids raw powder -----

Hi bothers and sisters
We've been doing business on chemical compounds for over 10 years and on steroids raw powders for like 3 years , we are a small company but we have the best quality raw powders and wide product line.
Been on another board months before and got verified , we were the supplier of the Month on that board, I see that many of the forum members were on that board too, so you guys should be familiar with us. Unluckily that board was shut down, so we move here.

Very glad to join this community, we are here to serve those guys who really need Domestic raw materials also help who gonna do the brewings.
We have may products in stock USA, Please email us for a full list.

Only email: rambochem@tutanota.com
Payments: Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptoes.

Note:We currently do not have other contact method, we only take orders by email.
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