Poway Bust


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Jacked Cash
A Poway man is accused of running a steroid distribution center in Spring Valley that manufactured anabolic steroids for nationwide dstribution, according to a complaint by San Diego federal prosecutors.
Edgar Lopez Feliciano, 54, is suspected of buying anabolic steroid powders from Chinese and Turkish suppliers, then using those powders to manufacture anabolic steroids. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he mailed more than 10,000 parcels containing steroids between June and August of last year.
Feliciano was arrested Feb. 28. Law enforcement seized items from the Spring Valley distribution center and Feliciano’s home in Poway. He is charged with one count of maintaining a drug-involved premises, which carries a maximum possible penalty of 20 years in prison.
Federal prosecutors said “hundreds of thousands of individual dosage-units” of steroids were seized, along with large amounts of cash, jewelry and luxury vehicles. Prosecutors also said around $7 million was deposited into bank accounts Feliciano held in recent years and more than $2.5 million from those accounts was wired to “overseas entities believed to be involved in the
production and distribution of Schedule III Controlled Substances.”