How to Help Your Partner Eat Healthier

Jacked Cash
According to studies, marriage brings not only a happy life but also extra weight. The first five years of marriage are especially tough, as both spouses may gain up to 30 pounds.
So it’s not surprising why some people wonder how to motivate their loved ones to start watching what they eat. Maybe they already have some weight problems, or maybe they’re fit, but their food habits are far from perfect. No matter what the reason is, your desire to help your loved one make better decisions concerning their health is quite understandable. Here are a couple of tips on how to nudge your partner into switching to a healthier diet.

Start with yourself
How are you going to persuade your loved one to start eating healthy if you’re a fast food lover yourself? It’s time to start leading a healthy life, encouraging your significant other to do the same. Besides, it’s always easier to resist the temptation if you know that you have support. A number of studies have proved that when it comes to healthy habits, influence from family and friends has a large impact on us. So once you switch to low-calorie products and start doing exercises, your spouse will likely catch up eventually.

Take the initiative
First of all, you need to find out if there’s anything you can do to affect your partner’s diet. For instance, if their lunch typically consists of junk food from a café near her office, and you usually take a lunch box with you, you can offer to begin packing healthy lunch boxes for them, as well.

Do some healthy cooking together
What can be better than cooking something your partner would love just to see the smile on their face? The only problem is that the dishes we like are usually full of calories. So why don’t you team up and find some healthy recipes to cook for each other? Maybe the results of your experiments won’t be as delicious as your favorite meals, but you’ll still get those smiles.

Fill your fridge with healthy products
Try getting rid of junk food in your kitchen and replace it with something that doesn’t turn your body into a cholesterol time bomb. Here’s a curious fact: when there are candies or chocolates in front of you, you can eat about two times more of them than if they were further away. You can use this trick and leave healthier products, such as apples or bananas in a visible spot, hiding chocolates and other snacks somewhere deep inside the cabinets. If it doesn’t work, and you keep catching your loved one poking around the kitchen, simply stop buying unhealthy sweets.

More joint activities
Sticking to a diet together isn’t enough. You should start exercising together. For example, there are much better things to do after dinner than just lying on the couch and watching TV shows. You can take a walk and have a nice chat. You’d be surprised how far you can go when you talk to someone. Joint activities greatly improve the effectiveness of weight-loss programs. You can even find some company in case you get bored of exercising together.

Concentrate on progress
Don’t expect to turn your significant other into a veggie lover in a couple of weeks. Make sure you’re aware that a change of eating habits is a time-consuming process. Besides, a little progress is better than no progress at all! Don’t leave your loved one without not-so-healthy products right away. Do so, and you’ll face heavy resistance to your diet plan.
If your loved one can’t imagine her or his life without chocolate, chips, beer, or something else, let them have these small joys. All you need is a bit of patience and a positive attitude, and the changes will come.