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I'm going to log my last cycle I plan on doing short of trt if I can't bounce back. Here's a copy of what I'm doing on another board but since I'm about to jump on our sources gh and parabolin I can at least give solid reviews on the gh and compounds from sources on this board.

Did bi's and tri's today. Starting off weighing 192lbs six foot tall with 12 to 15% bf at the moment.
My cycle at the moment is

Mon wed fri injections
Test e 250mg
Deca 250mg
Npp 50mg
Inj superdrol 25mg
Anavar 50mg/day
2.5ius gh mon-fri

Today was my first time using superdrol and var pwo and the pumps are insane. Anyway here's my starting pics I'll log as much as possible so I hope it stays helpful. I'll let you know when I change compounds again in a couple weeks gotta jump on the tren train.


Don't hate on the bloat lol. Deca and vacation has me watery
Probably butvi really am happy with my size when I'm not so bloated I just need a couple it's of gh to stay lean and I'll be happy
Decided as of mon on my next pin I'm savin npp for later to help cut a blend and tren so starting monday I'll be taking
250mg test e
125mg deca
100mg parabolin
25mg inj superdrol
50mg var/day
2.5iu's of gh a day

It's OS hex but he's on EG so I figured reviewing wouldn't upset anyone
Went ahead and pinned today to get the tren hex flowing. exact protocol as above I'll st as y in for about a month or so and change it again.
I add also did a light leg workout today
Pinned again today
Test e 250mg
Tren hex 100mg
Deca 125mg
Inj superdrol 25mg
Var 50mg/day
2.5ius of gh

Had a good chest workout today. I did
Flat bar presses x 3
Incline b see r presses x 3
Dumbbell flies x 3
Fly machine x 4 until failure

Feeling good so far and have more tren and tren blends and gh on the way. I'm going for the big win
Pinned as today. I used
test e 250mg
Parabolin 100mg
Deca 125mg
Inj superdrol 25mg
Anavar 50mg
2.5ius gh

Pumps are insane at the moment. not sure if it's the superdrol or the var. Strength is climbing fast already and people are making their hatin comments which means I'm going something right lol.
Worked out back today. Only did 3 exercises all we with 4 sets. I was tired but I wasn't trying to be soar as hell
Not yet but I'm gonna pay you regardless within the week. He said he'd resend until it made it and I wanna believe he has no reason to lie