An in-depth guide to performance enhancing drugs

Jacked Cash
When people think of bodybuilding, those with no real knowledge of the sport unfortunately tend to think of one thing: Steroids. These people have real knowledge on human anatomy or physiology and certainly know very little about bodybuilding, and even less about steroids and performance enhancing drugs, yet they always seem to have the same mentality. These people say things like “well, if I used steroids I’d look like that”, or “well, he may be big now, but as soon as he stops using roids all of his muscle will turn to fat’. The mind boggles that there are people so clueless and ignorant out there to make these claims without actually knowing any real hard facts about steroids. These are the same people that think that people using performance enhancing drugs transform into hulking, angry, rage-filled monsters due to “roid rage”. Rather than educating themselves however, they would much rather bury their heads in the sand and convince themselves that they’re right. To help people better understand performance enhancing drugs and supplements, and the roles they play in sports, health, and fitness, here is a brief but in-depth guide.

So, what exactly are steroids? – First off, the word steroids, is extremely vague and general, as it applies to a number of substances and compounds. Those that don’t really understand about anabolic steroids think that they’re all the same, or better yet, that there is only one type of steroid, one which hulking great bodybuilding inject three times a day. Needless to say, this is most certainly not the case at all. There are dozens upon dozens of different forms of steroids, some can be taken orally, and some can be injected. Anabolic steroids themselves are synthetic chemicals derived from testosterone either produced in a laboratory, or naturally within the human body. These compounds have muscle-building and stimulating effects, as well as causing secondary types of sexual characteristics as well as masculinising types of side effects such as increased hair growth, deepening of the voice etc. Steroids do of course have a bad rap, and they most certainly can be dangerous and do pose some significant health risks and side effects – if they aren’t treated with respect and used in the correct manner.

How to use steroids safely – Just think about this, when people mention steroids, it is often in a negative fashion talking about how harmful and dangerous they are, and how they’re “for cheats” or “for the lazy”. In many instances if you were to ask a person if they would ever consider using them, they would recoil in shock and tell you “absolutely not”! However, just think about this: Many doctors and health care providers actually prescribe steroids to help treat and control a number of health and medical related conditions to people all over the world. They may not be as potent as some forms of Anabolic Steroids out there, but they all share a similar chemical structure and they do still have similar effects and side effects. If a doctor was to prescribe them with steroids, these people would smile, take them off him, use them as instructed, and not bat an eyelid. So, if a doctor tells you they’re safe, they must be safe right? Well, as mentioned previously, if used safely and correctly as instructed, steroids can be very beneficial, not only for improving your physique and athletic performance, but also for your health as well. Aspirin is a healthy and beneficial drug that helps improve our health and well-being, yet if we were to abuse aspirin it would be dangerous, and the same goes with steroids. Here are a few tips on how to use them safely:

Only buy them from reputable sources – If you’re buying steroids, make sure that you purchase them from tried, tested, and reputable sources. Don’t type words such as “buy steroids cheap” into Google, then end up buying them from some country on the other side of the world as you have no idea what you’re getting.

Get them tested – By doing a little research, you can find trained experts that will test the substances for you, just to ensure that they are what they claim to be. These experts will also be able to provide you with helpful tips and advice as well.

Use clean needles – It may feel seedy, but it is what it is and if you are using injectible forms of steroids, you must always, always ensure your needle is clean and sterile, and you must always only use ONE needle per injection. Local chemists and pharmacies will supply clean needles and dispose of dirty needles for you. These are paid professionals and will not judge you either.

Use as instructed! – It doesn’t matter whether you’re using D-Bol, Deca, Tren, Test-E, Anabol, Winstrol, or anything else for that matter, no matter how potent the substance may be, you must always use them as instructed. If you’re instructed to inject once every other day, don’t decide to inject every day in order to try to speed up results. Not treating them with respect and not using them as instructed is a guaranteed way of harming your health and putting your life at risk.

Be open and honest – With all of the sneaking around and the lies associated with steroid use, it’s no wonder they have such a bad reputation. If you’re thinking of using, be open and honest with friends and family members. Tell them what you’re using, why you’re using, and provide them with as much research and as many facts as possible.

Get your blood work and health checked – Before you start a new cycle, go speak to your doctor and get your blood work checked, as well as your overall health too. Once you begin your cycle, again, get tested throughout to look out for any changes or possible threats. Finally, at the end of your cycle, again, get tested and compare results. In most cases you will find that in reality, after a cycle, if used correctly, you will actually be healthier on paper than before you began your cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – Finally, to help prevent damage to your internal organs, especially your liver and your kidneys, you must always, always run a PCT cycle, no matter how weak the steroids may have been. A PCT cycle will help protect your major organs, and help prevent estrogenic side effects associated with steroids, gynecomastia and acne for example. The two most common compounds in any PCT cycle are Nolvadex, and Clomid, so do your research depending on which steroids you are planning on using.