1. The Powerlifter (Documentary)

    The Powerlifter (Documentary)

    The Powerlifter is made possible with funding from STORYHIVE and is available for free on TELUS Optik TV On DemandHelp SUPPORT the channel by checking out:Ou...
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    This 82-Year Old Powerlifter Took Down a Home Intruder With a Table

    ABC 13 / YouTube Rochester, NY resident Willie Murphy was at home getting ready for bed when a home intruder nearly ruined her night. But Murphy, an 82-year-old grandmother who lives alone, showed the guy who’s boss and beat him down with a table. Yup, a table. “I’m alone and I’m old, but...
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    Champion Powerlifter JL Holdsworth Tips on How To Revive Your Deadlift

    Courtesy of JL Holdsworth J.L. Holdsworth (@coach_jl) is a strength coach and world champion powerlifter who’s squatted 905 pounds, benched 775, and deadlifted 804 during competitions. When he issues advice, it’s best to listen. So, when he mentioned on a recent episode of the M&F’s podcast...
  4. The Best Of - Powerlifting Fails - Compilation

    The Best Of - Powerlifting Fails - Compilation

    Powerlifting/Weightlifting Fails!
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    Polish Powerlifter Deadlifts 953 Pounds for a World Record

    Polish powerlifter Krzysztof Wierzbicki is known for his deadlifting, and he pushed it to the limit this past weekend with an incredible 432.5kg (953.5-pound) equipped deadlift for an unofficial all-time world record, Barbend reports. Wierzbicki, also known as Mr. Deadlift, pulled off the feat...
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    Powerlifters Protest USAPL at Minnesota State Championships

    Last week, USA Powerlifting (USAPL) announced that transgender women would not be allowed to compete against biological females. The decision gained mainstream attention when JayCee Cooper, a trans female powerlifter, brought notice to the fact that the USAPL rejected her application to compete...
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    Competitive Powerlifter Saves Man by Lifting Jeep

    On Feb. 14, Ryan Belcher heard a loud crash outside of his office at BELFO Property Restoration in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, prompting him to run outside. What he saw was horrific—a Jeep Cherokee flipped on its side, and four men attempting to lift it. “I heard a women, covered in blood...